High Quality Gauze Roll

High Quality Gauze Roll

Product Name:High Quality Gauze Roll Main and details Pictures see attachment Unit Prices: $0.1~0.256/ m Basic Parameter: Feature: 1.No contain any fluorescent brightener 2.shelf life up to 3 - 5 years 3.Raw material traceability system, to ensure social responsibility Advantage: 1.all...

Product Details

Product Name:High Quality Gauze Roll

Main and details Pictures see attachment 

Unit Prices: $0.1~0.256/ m

Basic Parameter: 

product description

is made of 100%cotton fiber by plain weaving and bleaching.It is widely use in medical treatment and sanitation career.


100% cotton  

Fabric type


Threads as per inch

26x18mesh ,28x18mesh,30x20 mesh,30X22mesh, 32X28mesh

Product size


Width (m)

0.8,0.9,1, 1.2

Immersion Time


Acidity /Alcalinity

No pink inside

Fluorescence of 365mm

Weak violet fluorescence

Coloring Material



more than 83

*any dimensions, package can be produced by custmer size


1.No contain any fluorescent brightener 

2.shelf life up to 3 - 5 years 

3.Raw material traceability system, to ensure social responsibility 


1.all indicators of the gauze are completely consistent with the description in the specification. 

2.the appearance of all OEM products intellectual property rights, are strictly authorized by the customer then arrange the final production, to ensure that no leak of commercial secrets. 

3.we ensure that all products are stored in the cool, dry, constant temperature environment.


Transportation by container ,airplane and express



1.Q: What advise will you give all new coming customers?

Mcknight: Don't covet cheap things and blindly trust big scale company. 

And your can give a chance to a growing company.

2.Q:Why is Mcknight Medical is best choice for procurement?

Mcknight:We focus on high quality goods for continuous order and CE ,ISO13485 certificate passed

also you can consign us to purchase others medical consumable because our boss have enough purchase experience and famous lawyers and sales team. Our relationship will help you deal with bad manufacturers and shoddy products.

3.Q: Can we make friends except our business?

Mcknight: Sure. Chinese economic and political environment is very complicated to any importers . our boss hope making business and friends together.  


1.we can delivery products in time even if large quantity orders,OEM/ODM is permitted.

2.professional import and export department  will help customers  to finish complex exportation work and short much time.

3.we can send free samples to customers  to do registration and checking our quality.