Non-sterile Gauze Sponges

Goods Name:Non-sterile Gauze Sponges Main and details Pictures see attachment Unit Prices: $0.0022~2 / pc Basic Parameter: Feature: 1.Good softness, no cotton fiber drop, has a high absorption to fast blooding. 2.Double packaging for gauze sponges , medical grade paper and PE film. 3.shelf life...

Product Details

Goods Name:Non-sterile Gauze Sponges

Main and details Pictures see attachment 

Unit Prices: $0.0022~2 / pc

Basic Parameter:


is made of 100%cotton plain weaving and bleaching gauze fabric. It is made into gauze swabs through processing of cutting, folding, and directly application in medical treatment and sanitation career after sterilization.

Yarn Material

100% cotton 


x-ray threads detectable or without

Fabric kind

Woven cotton yarn fabric with straight mesh

Yarn count

40s , 36s, 32s ,21s 

Threadsas per inch

16x8,19X9 ,18x10,19x15, 24x20 , 25x17,26x18,28x18,30x20

Finished Size:

5x5cm, 7.5x7.5cm,5x10cm ,7.5cmx10cm ,10x10cm,10x20cm

Plies of folding:


Immersion Time


Dessication Loss


Sulphidic Ashes


Acidity or Alcalinity

Not pink coloration accepted

Fluorescence of 365mm

Not Weak violet fluorescence

Tensio-Active Substances


Starch & Dextrine


Coloring Material




*all dimensions, width, length, and package can be produced as per requirement


1.Good softness, no cotton fiber drop, has a high absorption to fast blooding. 

2.Double packaging for gauze sponges , medical grade paper and PE film. 

3.shelf life up to 5 -6 years 

4.Raw cotton material traceability system, to repect social responsibility 


1.our gauze sponges all physical indicators fully comply with BP93, EP ( EN14790: 2003 ), USP standard, also can accept SGS, BV and other third-party organizations of serious testing. 

2.every step of gauze processing accept strict sampling inspection by our professional QC, to ensure that every detail will not appear quality defects. 

3.all indicators of the gauze sponges are completely consistent with the description in the specification.


Transportation by ship, air, train, express



1.Q:Can our private logo/ label printed on the packaging? 

Mcknight: sure ,  we respect customer’s intellectual property rights and we will do OEM/ODM service upon your legal authorization. 

2.Q:What’s your best price please? 

Mcknight : we will give you best prices as you wanting . but it must be reasonable to both sides and never lead one time order . 

3.Q: What advise will you give all new coming customers ? 

Mcknight: Don't covet cheap things and blindly trust big scale company 

find a growing company and young boss with high education background . 

4.Q: Can we make friends except our business ? 

Mcknight: 100%. Chinese economic and political environment is very complicated to any long-time importers. our boss hope making business and friends together .  


1.professional import and export department  will help customers  to finish complex exportation work and short much time. 

2.we can send free samples to customers  to do registration and checking our quality. 

3.100 % recall system for all problem products.  Follow the source, issue a formal third-party investigation report to the customer.

Company introduction and production pictures: 

Mcknight  have more than 1200 sets of the most advanced air-jet looms and the 2 absorbent gauze tube bleaching production lines, annual output of finished gauze rolls and semi-finished  gauze fabric volume totaling 200,000,000 meters. Gauze  cutting machine, folding machine, knitting machinery and other kinds of machinery 150 sets, with an annual output of various types of gauze, abdominal pad, gauze bandage, crepe bandage, elastic bandage, plaster of paris, adhesive bandage and a series of products, a total of more than 3000 cubic.