Sterile Gauze Swabs

Name:Sterile Gauze swabs Main and details Pictures see attachment Unit Prices: $0.025~1 / pc Basic standard: Feature: 1.Sufficient bleaching and cleaning time to gauze , no primary harmful substances residue. 2.Gauze Bleaching with pure hydrogen peroxide without hypochlorous acid solution. 3.Non...

Product Details

Name:Sterile Gauze swabs 

Main and details Pictures see attachment 

Unit Prices: $0.025~1 / pc

Basic standard:


is made of 100%cotton plain weaving and bleaching gauze fabric . It is made into gauze swabs through processing of cutting, folding, sterilization packing then directly application in medical treatment and sanitation career.


100% cotton 

Accessories name

Rubber x-ray threads or without

Fabric type

Woven cotton yarn fabric with straight mesh

Yarn count

40s ,21s

Threads Mesh 

19x15, 24x20 , 30x20, 28x24, 30X22, 32X28, 40x32

Folded Size:

5x5cm, 7.5x7.5cm, 5x10cm, 7.5cmx10cm, 10x10cm, 10x20cm

Folded Plies:

4ply, 8ply, 12ply, 24ply, 32ply, 36ply

Immersion water Time


Soluble Solution in Ether

Below 0.30%

Soluble substances in Water

Not higher than 0.40%

Dessication Loss

Below 6%

Sulphidic Ashes

Below 0.3%

Acidity or Alcalinity

Non pink coloration

Fluorescence of 365mm

Non Weak violet fluorescence

Tensio-Active Substances

Below 2mm

Starch and Dextrine


alien Material



Above 84

*Other dimensions, width, length, and package can be produced as per requirement


1.Sufficient bleaching and cleaning time to gauze , no primary harmful substances residue. 

2.Gauze Bleaching with pure hydrogen peroxide without hypochlorous acid solution. 

3.Non contain any fluorescent brightener to gauze fabric 

4.expiry time up to 4 - 6 years 

Advantage : 

1.every step of swabs processing accept strict sampling inspection by our professional QC, to ensure that every pieces’s detail will not appear quality defects. 

2.the workers shall be disinfected before production, Their bodies have no direct contact with finished sterilization gauze swabs. 

3.all gauze swabs to ensure the average whiteness of above 83, 100 % of the cotton fiber, clean no peculiar smell, does not contain any foreign fibers.  No weft oblique, no holes, no burrs. 

4.all packaging gauze swabs without any damage, printing content without error, there is a strict validity limit.


Transportation by sea, air , truck, or by express



1.Q:What’s your best price please? 

Mcknight: we will give you best prices as you wanting. but it must be reasonable to both sides and never lead one time cooperation . 

2.Q: What advise will you give all new coming customers? 

Mcknight: Don't covet cheap things and blindly trust big scale company 

find a growing company and young boss with high education level. 

3.Q:Why is Mcknight Medical is best choice for procurement? 

Mcknight:We focus on high quality goods for continuous order and CE ,ISO13485 certificate passed 

also you can consign us to purchase others medical consumable because our boss have enough purchase experience and famous lawyers support him. Our relationship will help you against  bad manufacturers. 

4.Q: Can we make friends except our business? 

Mcknight: yes. Chinese economic and political environment is very complicated to any big importers. our boss hope making business and friends together.   






Company introduction and production pictures:  

Mcknight  have more than 1200 sets of the most advanced air-jet looms and the 3 absorbent gauze tube bleaching production lines, annual output of finished gauze rolls and semi-finished  gauze fabric volume totaling 200,000,000 meters. Gauze  cutting machine, folding machine, knitting machinery and other kinds of machinery 100 sets, with an annual output of various types of gauze, abdominal pad, gauze bandage, crepe bandage, elastic bandage, plaster of paris, adhesive bandage and a series of products, a total of more than 3500 cubic.