Gauze bandage is a kind of medical product commonly used in clinical medicine

- Apr 28, 2018-

Gauze bandage is a kind of medical product commonly used in clinical medicine. It is often used to wrap wound or affected area and is necessary for surgical operation. The simplest kind is a single shed, made of gauze or cotton, suitable for the limbs, tail, head and chest and abdomen. The bandages are various types of bandages made of parts and shapes. The materials are double-layered cotton cloths, and cottons of different thicknesses can be sandwiched between them, and there are cloth strips around them so as to be knotted and fixed, such as eye bandages, back waist bandages, and fronts. Chest bandages, abdominal bandages, etc. Special bandages are used for fixation in limbs and joints. After injury to the human body, most people will see the use of gauze bandage wound dressing, mainly due to gauze bandage has a good breathability, and the production of soft materials, more suitable for use in fixed dressings, pressurized hemostasis, hanging limbs and fixed joints on.

The main function

1. Protect the wound. The gauze bandage has good air permeability. After the wound dressing is finished, the gauze bandage is used to fix the dressing so that the wound infection and the secondary bleeding of the wound can be avoided.

2. Fixed effect. Gauze bandages can fix dressings on wounds, control bleeding, fix and support injury and reduce swelling, and fix and protect materials for surgery or injury. When a gauze bandage is used by a patient with a fracture, the fracture and joint dislocation are restricted and the bones heal quickly.

3. Relieve pain. After using a gauze bandage, it can compress the wound to stop the bleeding. To a certain extent, it increases the comfort of the patient and relieves the pain of the patient.


First, gauze bandage wrapped in bandages before:

1. Explain to the injured what will be done and continue to comfort him.

2. Let the injured sit or lie down comfortably.

3. Hold up the wounded area (can be held by the wounded person or the person who helped)

4. As far as possible in front of the wounded, wrap the bandage from the wounded side of the wounded person.

Second, gauze bandage wrapped in bandages:

1. If the injured person is lying down, he or she should pass underneath the natural depressions such as knees, knees, waist, and neck when wrapping the bandage. Gently pull the bandage forward and back to adjust the position. Wrap the neck and upper torso and use the neck depression to pull it down to the correct position on the torso.

2. When the bandage is wrapped, the degree of tightness should be based on the principle of stopping bleeding and fixing the dressing, but not so tight as to prevent blood circulation at the end of the limb.

3. If the limbs are wrapped, fingers and toes should be exposed as much as possible to check blood circulation.

4. Make sure that the knot will not hurt the wounded. Use a flat knot to insert the end of the bandage under the knot and do not tie it where the bone protrudes.

5. Regularly check the blood circulation of the lower limbs and release them if necessary.

Third, when using a bandage to fix the injured limb:

1. Add cushions between injured limbs and the body, or between the two feet (especially the joints). Use a towel, cotton, or folded clothing as a cushion. Then bandages are added to prevent dislocation of the broken bones.

2. Wrap around the gap around the limb and try to avoid bandaging at the wound.

3. Bandage knots should be placed in front of the uninjured side, wherever there is a bone protrusion should be avoided. If the wounded person is injured on both sides of the body, the knot should hit the center of the body. This is the least chance of causing further injury.

There are many ways to use it. If you do not pay attention and attention, it is easy to make mistakes. Therefore, during the operation, the doctor and the injured should cooperate with each other to achieve a good fixation and treatment.

Only by understanding the function of the gauze bandage and grasping the correct operation method can fully play the role of gauze bandage.