How to fix a wound with medical gauze bandage

- Apr 28, 2018-

1, "8" shape dressing method

For shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, and other joints of the bandage and fixed clavicle fractures. Take the elbow joint as an example. First, in the middle of the joint, two rings are bandaged. The bandage is wound around the joint first, and then the flexion is applied to the joint. The dorsal side of the limb is wound around the flexion of the limb and then it is wound over the joint. The "8" character was continuously wrapped up and down in the joints. Each roll overlapped with the previous roll by 2/3. Finally, 2 rolls were wrapped around the joint and the tape was fixed.

2, splint gauze bandage dressing

The bandaging method for the splint bandage is to first clean the skin of the affected area, pack a pad with a thicker auxiliary pad, gauze, or mat, and fix it with a serpentine or spiral wrap, and then install the splint. The width of the splint depends on the need. The length should include both upper and lower joints of the fracture, so that both the upper and lower joints are fixed at the same time, but also shorter than the cushion material, so as not to damage the skin at both ends of the splint. Finally, bandages are bandaged or fixed with a strong string.

3, medical elastic gauze bandage spiral reverse dressing

For peripheral areas, start with two weeks of circular bandages and then spiral bandages. Then use one thumb to press the center of the reel, and the other hand to rewind the tape from that point to the front. 1/3 or 2/3. Each reflex should be aligned in a straight line, but each reflex should not be in the wound and bone carina.