Medical gauze bandage to stop bleeding attention

- Apr 28, 2018-

We often encounter bumps during exercise, and usually cause bleeding. For some external bleeding, we usually use gauze bandages to achieve hemostasis, and bleeding can be divided into subcutaneous Bleeding, external hemorrhage and internal hemorrhage. Most children and teenagers have suffered from external bleeding and subcutaneous bleeding.

Before stopping bleeding, first identify whether it is an arterial or venous bleeding and prepare a gauze bandage for use. Arterial hemorrhage is characterized by the fact that blood is ejected from the end of the blood vessel near the heart. The blood is bright red, and the pressure of the jet is strong and weak with the beating of the heart. Venous hemorrhage is characterized by the gradual recurrence of blood from the veins. The blood is dark and silty and often flows continuously from the distal end of the wound. In addition, there are capillary bleeding, red blood, no bleeding points, and blood seeping from the wound. When the blood loss reaches 20%, there will be obvious clinical symptoms, gauze bandage such as blood pressure drop, shock and so on. When the blood loss reaches more than 30%, there is danger of death.

Sometimes two or three bleedings often exist at the same time. After identification, if it is determined to be venous bleeding, the following methods of hemostasis should be taken:

When venous hemorrhage or capillary hemorrhage occurs in the extremities, if there is not much bleeding, the bleeding limb can be elevated and stay for more than ten minutes, and then be bandaged after the blood flow is stopped. gauze bandage When dressing, gauze bandages can be used to compress and stop bleeding.

It is also very important for us to master these methods of stopping bleeding in our lives. The most important thing we usually need to pay attention to is how to use it. We also have related introductions before using it. gauze bandage We want to learn a lot of useful knowledge. Please continue to pay attention to our website. Information.