Polyester cotton gauze bandage and cotton gauze bandage how to distinguish

- Apr 28, 2018-

1. Seeing: Polyester-cotton gauze bandages are brighter than pure cotton gauze bandages, and polyester-cotton color is bright, and fibrous tissue is also more compact. The bandage color of the cotton gauze is not as bright and soft as it looks, and some cottonseed residue remains on the surface of the gauze bandage.

2. Hand touch: The bandage of cotton gauze is soft but not smooth, and the feel of the polyester-cotton gauze bandage is slippery.

3. Burning: This is also the most intuitive method used by people in the industry. The bandage of cotton gauze is just a bit, the flame is yellow, the burning odor is the same as burning paper, the edge after burning is soft, leaving little gray and black flocculent ash; the polyester cotton gauze bandage will shrink when approaching the flame. Then melted and smoked in black smoke, giving off the smell of a bad aroma. After burning, the edges became hard and the ash was dark brown, but it could be crushed.

Medical gauze bandage is a kind of material that is directly wrapped on the patient's body. The quality of the bandage will greatly affect whether the patient is in good health during use. Therefore, we should try our best to adopt suitable elasticity when choosing. The breathable, easy-to-use medical gauze bandage will help the patient's body recover. The choice of good quality medical gauze bandage is the key, then the next step should be how to make use, it is also a key link, because, sometimes even if the bandage is no matter how good, improper operation will give patients feel uncomfortable, the following by us Here's how to use the correct medical gauze bandage:

Before the operation, the operator must use disposable gloves to avoid direct contact with the patient's wound to initiate wound bacterial infection.

Second, we should see the patient's wound condition when using it. If the wound is too swollen, it is not suitable for using medical gauze bandages. We should pay attention.

Third, unpack the package and soak it in water for a few seconds. This is to make it work better. The water temperature is generally 25 degrees.

Fourth, when packing, attention should be paid to tightness, not too tight, airtight will make the wound worse, if it is too loose, dust or other foreign matter will enter the wound, which is not conducive to wound healing and recovery. Also, medical gauze bandages should be properly adjusted based on the patient's comfort.