The main purpose of medical gauze bandages

- Apr 28, 2018-

Medical gauze bandages can be divided into two categories. One is a full gauze bandage and the other is an elastic bandage. Its main purpose is bandaging or fixation.

1 All-cotton gauze bandage: It is mainly used for bandaging and fixation after hospital dressing and home wound dressing in vitro.

2 elastic bandages: mainly used for varicose veins, orthopedics and other patients of the lower limbs to retain the position of dressing, in order to improve blood circulation and prevent limb swelling. Can also replace the abdominal band after surgery, for the body's different parts of the pressure dressing or general wound dressing.

When purchasing medical gauze bandages, the following should be noted: Generally non-sterile medical products are sold. If you use a medical bandage on the wound site, you should consider using it separately from the wound; when you buy a medical bandage, you have to look at the appearance of the product. Products should be white, no yellow spots, no pollution, no severe weaving or broken wires. For your health, please choose the right medical gauze bandage

Medical gauze bandage function

Most people will see the use of gauze bandages after being harmed. Why? Some people say this is because the gauze bandage has good air permeability, and the production of soft materials, more suitable for fixed dressings, pressurized hemostasis, suspended limbs and fixed joints. It is also said that gauze bandages can protect the wound and relieve pain. Which of these two arguments is correct?

In fact, from the medical point of view, these arguments are all correct. There are three reasons for this:

1. To protect the wound surface, the gauze bandage has good air permeability. After the wound dressing is finished, the gauze bandage is used to fix the dressing, which can prevent wound infection and secondary bleeding of the wound;

2, fixed role, when the fracture patients use a gauze bandage, play a fixed role, so that fractures, joint dislocations are restricted, so that the bones quickly healed;

3, reduce pain, the use of gauze bandages, can compress the wound to play a role in hemostasis, to a certain extent, increased patient comfort, thereby reducing the pain of patients.