The role of medical gauze bandages in sports injuries

- Apr 28, 2018-

Medical gauze bandages are mainly used for bandaging and fixation after surgery. The emergency treatment of tendon sprains and fractures is inseparable from medical bandages. The role of wound dressing, reducing the chance of infection, compressing hemostasis, fixing fractures, and reducing injuries are one of the main techniques for injury and first aid. Bandages commonly used materials include bandages, triangles, etc. If there is no such material on site, towels, clothing, etc. can be used instead. Bandaging movements should be skillful, soft, and elastic. Here are some examples of dressing methods using bandages or materials similar to gauze bandages:

(1) The ring banding method is often used for bandaging of smaller parts of the limb or for the start and end of other dressing methods. When dressing, open a roll of gauze bandage, place the bandage obliquely on the limb, press it with your hand, and wrap the bandage around the limb for a week, then fold back the lead and a small corner, and then continue to wrap around, and then cover the second ring. As early as possible, pack 3-4 laps.

(2) Spiral-wrapped bandage rolls are skewed, each roll pressing half or one-third of the front. This method is mostly used for parts with little difference in limb thickness.

(3) When spiral bandaging is used for spiral bandaging, the top of the bandage is pressed with a thumb, and it is folded back and pressed down to half or one third of the previous circle, which is mostly used in parts where the thickness of the limb is relatively large. .

(4) The "8" bandage method is used for bandaging of joints. Above the joints, an annular bandage was started several times. Then, the gauze bandage was wrapped obliquely, wound under the joints one circle at a time, crossed two times at the concave joints of the joints, and repeatedly performed, each ring pressed half or one third of the preceding circle.

When participating in more strenuous sports such as basketball and mountain climbing, we must pay attention to safety. If any sports injuries occur, we must use medical gauze bandages for proper treatment, and do a good job of hemostasis treatment to prepare sufficient time for the arrival of medical personnel.