What are the precautions for purchasing and using medical gauze bandage?

- Apr 28, 2018-

Medical gauze bandages are mainly used for dressing or fixation, and plant buildings are generally sold as non-sterile medical products. Buy medical bandages should pay attention:

(1) It should be isolated from the wound when it is used.

(2) The appearance of the product depends on the purchase. Products should be white, no yellow spots, no pollution, no severe weaving or broken wires.

Medical adhesive plaster purchase and use matters needing attention:

Should be clean and innoxious. Medicine|Education|Web Collection

Band-aid has the functions of hemostasis, protection and wounding, and can be used for minor wounds, bruises and other affected areas.

(1) Look at the package identification and product specification. The package should have “sterile” or graphic symbols, one-time use instructions or graphic symbols, and instructions for disabling or disabling the packaging.

(2) Do not touch the middle composite pad by hand after unsealing.

Medical gauze bandage is an auxiliary tool used in the medical industry to wrap wounds at the wounded site for daily disinfection and dressing used during surgery. The wounds of the bandage and the wounded will have direct sexual contact, which directly affects the recovery of the wound. Therefore, the quality of the product has a very high requirement. We should strengthen the supervision of the production and quality inspection of the gauze bandage. Ensure that the finished medical gauze bandage quality is qualified and excellent.

The main raw material of medical gauze bandages is absorbent cotton, and its quality is the foundation, which is the key. At the same time, it is related to the quality of medical treatment. In order to strengthen the supervision of the gauze bandage, our country's health and quality supervision department often has major production. Scald checks were performed on the saturate gauze bandages in the hospital and the hospital. Resolutely put an end to the use of chemically-containing substances or discarded absorbent cotton, which will contain a large number of harmful components, and we should use pure white, soft, and qualified ethylene oxide anti-virus absorbent cotton.

Strengthen the quality inspection of medical gauze bandages, closely related to the reliability of the medical industry, and more directly related to the health of our people, not only to strengthen the production supervision of medical gauze bandages, but also for other disposable single, medical masks. With regard to disposable medical consumables such as iodine swabs and cotton balls, we should all attach importance to its quality and resolutely resist illegal activities.