What to watch out for when choosing a medical gauze compress

- Apr 28, 2018-

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a medical gauze compress? The following manufacturers of gauze bandages for everyone to talk about:

With medical products becoming more and more standardized and requiring higher specification, no matter what the product needs to pay more attention to when it comes to acute purchase, here's something to look for when choosing a medical gauze compress. The main points of analysis.

1. When choosing a medical gauze compress, we need to take a formal place or buy it at a low price to avoid buying unhygienic products that may affect the patient's wound healing or increase the severity of the wounded.

2. When buying, you can tell whether the product has been bleached or contains impurities in the product by watching the color of the product and the overall shape of the product.

3, gauze compress can also be touched to feel the use of the material of its products meet the standards you use, only with good breathability products will be better for patients;

4. When it is used, gauze compress it must be used under the condition of keeping it dry. If the moisture content of the gauze compress will produce a large number of bacterial proliferation, affect the effect.