Cotton Balls, As Home Medical Supplies, Are Essential At Home

- Apr 28, 2018-

Cotton balls, as home medical supplies, are essential at home. So how to use a cotton ball? When using cotton balls, pay attention to hygiene and prevent secondary pollution.

When using a cotton ball, use a tweezers to grab the cotton ball and put it in alcohol. After it is wetted, remove it and wipe the desired area. Note that the entire process must not come into contact with cotton balls and alcohol by hand, as this can easily cause bacterial infections.

Alcohol is very volatile and should be kept in a fairly tight container if you want to keep the consistency of the alcohol tampon. In everyday life, portable and individual packaging can be purchased, not only in terms of carrying, but also better preserved. Commonly available on the market are divided into two types of packaging: external tweezers and internal tweezers. The inside tweezers are placed inside the alcohol cotton ball package, which effectively avoids secondary pollution during use.

Store in a clean room with no more than 80% relative humidity and cool, dry, ventilated, and non-corrosive gases. Transport should be protected from moisture, light, and heat sources.

The cotton ball is a medical dressing that is made by using a cotton wool to be crimped into a mass. When the cotton ball is rubbed with alcohol to wipe the skin, it will have the effect of disinfection. The absorbent cotton balls should be submerged into the liquid surface within 10 seconds. The aseptically supplied cotton balls should be sterile after being sterilized with ethylene oxide. After the ethylene oxide is sterilized, the ethylene oxide residues are stored for 15 days. The amount should not exceed 10ug/g.