Gauze Bandage Dressing Technique

- Apr 28, 2018-

Gauze bandage dressing technique

1, the injured position should be appropriate.

2. The affected limb rests on the adapted position so that the patient can keep the limb comfortable and reduce the patient's pain during the dressing process.

3, limb dressing must be in functional position.

4. Packagers usually stand in front of the patient to observe the facial expression of the patient.

5, generally should be from the inside out, and from the distal to the torso. At the beginning of bandaging, two ring dressings are required to fix the bandage.

6, to grasp the bandage when dressing, to avoid falling. The bandage roll must be flatly attached to the dressing area.

7. Weekly pressure should be uniform when dressing and not too light so as not to fall off. It should not be too tight to avoid circulatory disturbances.

8, in addition to acute bleeding, open trauma or fracture patients, the bandage must be clean and dry before the local.

9, rings, gold bracelets and watch necklaces are removed before bandaging.

Gauze bandage type

100% cotton plain weave, wrinkle elastic bandage, ammonia lucent elastic bandage, PBT elastic bandage and cotton gauze edging bandage, viscose plaster bandage.

Scroll Gauze Bandage

Also known as single tape, there are three kinds of cotton, gauze and elastic tape, according to the different parts of tape, have the following various names:

(1) Taping (2) Tail (3) Strip (reel portion) (4) Inner surface (one side of the roll) (5) Outer (on the other side of the roll) (6) Top side (7) Lower side (8) Reel

Double gauze bandage

There are two heads with the same width and application method as the reel band.

Three gauze bandages

(1) Triangle towel: Made of natural cotton cloth, that is, four sides of the same length of about 1 meter of cotton cloth cut diagonally to form two large triangular towels, such as the made of the triangle from the top to the bottom of the center line cut, can be split Into two small triangles, according to their different parts, have the following names: vertex, bottom and left and right two points, the majority of its use as a deterrent, hanging hand and forearm. (2) T-shaped tape: used to fix the perineal dressing and increase the scrotum.

Gauze Bandage

Commonly used are the following: (1) Four headbands: made of rectangular cotton or gauze cut from both ends; (2) chest straps: dressings used to fix the chest or increase the pressure; (3) abdomen: to fix the abdominal dressing.

Self-adhesive elastic bandage

Description: self-adhesive elastic bandage made of pure cotton or elastic non-woven natural rubber composite material made by the axis of rotation, cut and made for clinical external fixation and dressing, can also be used to protect the wrist in sports, Used when waiting for joints.

Sports protective gauze bandage

Mainly for sports protection, medical dressing, medical fixation and other different scope of use, the use of imported medical glue, so that the fixation is not easy to fall off, there is a strong elasticity and scalability.