How To Save The Iodophor Cotton Ball

- Apr 28, 2018-

The use of iodophor cotton balls in the preservation process we have to be extra careful to prevent the drug from evaporating, lose its effect, the inside of the alcohol is highly volatile, we must use after it, to be sealed and stored, stored in a cool dry, ventilated, Clean room with no corrosive gas for emergency use.

Iodophor cotton balls are adapted to local treatments of skin infections, mosquito bites, burns, and bruises. Compared with alcohol cotton, iodophor cotton balls have less alcohol than alcohol cotton balls. In the course of drug use, the occurrence of some adverse reactions is minimized.

The iodophor cotton ball is made from absorbent cotton balls that have been subjected to high-temperature sterilization and is made of medical alcohol. It has the effect of disinfecting human skin and preventing infection. Although the concentration of alcohol in the iodophor is low, but the sterilization ability can not be ignored, can be used in the disinfection of surgical instruments, a small area of burns, burns, to avoid wound infection, made a significant contribution to the richest modern scientific medical alcohol . In the medical field, hospitals that are large enough to perform operations and receive blood for injections for laboratory tests use a disinfectant, which is iodophor. One-time use of iodophor cotton balls can be said to be a medical sterilization tool that is commonly used for home care and is not suitable for medical use.