Precautions When Using Cotton Balls

- Apr 28, 2018-

1, physical cooling when using cotton balls should pay attention

The simplest, most effective and safe way to reduce the temperature of a child with high fever is to use a physical cooling method with a 25%-50% alcohol sponge bath. After soaking with a cotton ball, wipe the neck, limbs, back, hands and feet of the child. In particular, it is important to wipe blood-rich parts such as the armpits, elbows, armpits, and groin. Note that alcohol wipes should not be used for rashes such as measles. In the process of using alcohol cotton balls, avoid secondary pollution to the body, such as tweezers, cotton balls, and towels.

2, the alcohol concentration is correct

After repeated tests, people know that the concentration of 75% of the alcohol has the strongest bactericidal power, so the medically-used alcohol is generally composed of 75% pure alcohol and 25% water. The concentration of alcohol is very important. If it is too high or too low, it will weaken or even lose the effectiveness of disinfection. Therefore, measures must be taken to keep the concentration constant. Alcohol is volatile and causes a drop in concentration, so it should be stored in a fairly sealed container. This is often the case: The cotton balls in the container are all dry, and only some of the cotton balls below are still wet. Some people assume that the wet part is alcohol. In fact, this is almost all water, so it can no longer be used for disinfection.

3, do not overuse alcohol cotton balls

In everyday life, please do not overuse alcohol swabs. Alcohol is mainly used for general bacteria, and it has certain limitations in the use effect and action time, so do not blindly exaggerate the effect of alcohol sterilization. For example, for the cleaning of toys, be sure to use chlorine-containing 84 disinfectant. Simply wipe with an alcohol swab to achieve no effect; for the cleaning of dishes, high-temperature boiling is more effective.

4, place the preservation conditions need to pay attention

Do not apply cotton balls when sealed and stored in a dry and cool place, out of reach of the baby, to prevent the baby to take cotton balls to eat.