The Role Of Alcohol Cotton Balls

- Apr 28, 2018-

First, daily prevention of the spread of hand-foot-mouth

Hand-foot-mouth specific literature reference newspaper

Second, the importance of diabetes prevention of infection

1. Because of the high blood sugar level in diabetic patients, poor control can weaken the ability to fight infections, and therefore it is prone to infection.

2. People with neuropathies become dull to pressure, temperature, and pain, which can easily cause injury.

3. In patients with vascular lesions, due to insufficient blood supply to various parts of the body, the healing of the wound is delayed, eventually resulting in ulcers, infections, and even bad, or even amputation can be required to solve the problem.

Therefore, households with diabetics need alcohol tampon, because only by self-absorbing alcohol can cause secondary pollution.

Third, alcohol cotton ball physical cooling

The simplest, most effective and safe way to reduce the temperature of a child with high fever is to use a physical cooling method with a 25%-50% alcohol sponge bath. Wipe the child's neck, limbs, back, hands and feet, etc. with a small towel. In particular, it is important to wipe blood-rich parts such as the armpits, elbows, armpits, and groin. Note that alcohol wipes should not be used for rashes such as measles. When rubbing the patient's skin with alcohol, it not only stimulates the skin of high fever patients to expand blood vessels, increase the skin's ability to dissipate heat; but also because of its volatility, it can absorb and take away a lot of heat, so that the body temperature drops, the symptoms eased. Need to pay attention to the use of several alcohol in the process to avoid the secondary pollution of the body caused by mattresses, cotton balls, towels, etc.